Greetings and welcome to the Rotary Club of Healdsburg. 
Chartered in 1948, our Rotary Club has not only serviced the community in so many ways, but we also are a club that likes to have fun and build friendships.
Keeping with our Rotary International’s President’s theme for the year, CREATE HOPE IN THE WORLD, my goals for our club this year are:
  • Hope for the future in the continued fight for climate change through education and personal accountability.
  • Continue to support local food programs for our seniors and families.
  • Look at ways to promote peace.
  • Support International projects that enhance the education and health of impoverished nations with a focus on women and children.
  • Continue to build lasting relationships within our club.
  • Continue to support the advancement of education to our local students through fundraising.
  • Continue the fight to eradicate Polio globally.
We are also passionate about support for the Arts to include the enhancement of our
local theater and youth programs. We are committed to the preservation of our rivers
and open space through funding and hands-on projects. Our largest fundraiser, the
CRAB FEAST, raises funds for our local high school students’ college scholarships.
We are a regional leader among Rotary Clubs in our area, giving to support Rotary’s
effort to finally eradicate polio from our world.  We’re so close to achieving our goals
with polio. For more information on Rotary International, visit:

We are excited about many projects this year to address our club’s goals. Feel free to
check in on this website from time to time to see what we’ve been doing.

Lastly, we believe in building friendships within our club. Our club likes to have fun
through local social events throughout the year. We have excellent and informative
programs at our weekly meetings. 

Please call or email us to get the latest update for any Monday meeting as our guest. 
Find out for yourself why we’re so proud of our Club and its place in our community.
Yours in service,

Kellie Larson, President