Long distance cyclist Jesse Pine was hosted by Community Services Chair, Fred Roberts and greeted by other members of the Healdsburg Rotary Club on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday morning, he was escorted away by Rotarians Andy Elkind, Norm Fujita and Jim Brenton as he passed through Cloverdale enroute to Willits.
Pine is riding from Zephyr Cove, NV, to Homer Alaska to raise funds for Shelter Box.  Shelter Box is a global non-profit organization providing shelter after natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.  They also provide refugee shelter.
His parents became interested in Shelter Box several years ago and as a young man, Pine visited the world headquarters in Cornwall, England.  From the impact of that visit he sought a way to help.  So the avid outdoorsman is taking the summer off for a 65-day, 3,700 mile trek visiting Rotary Clubs along the way.  His goal is to raise $100,000.
On the fourth day of the expedition, Pine has raised close to $10,000.  Each Shelter Box costs $1,000 and contains family-sized tents specially designed to withstand the elements and provide people with a temporary refuge until they are able to start rebuilding their homes.  The kits also contain the items that help transform shelter into a home, like cooking sets, solar lights and activity kits for children.
Pine deals in Commercial Real Estate in Denver, Colorado, when not satisfying his urge for wanderlust.  On graduation from college in 2013 he embarked on a 100 day tour of Europe using a rail pass and with his future wife in 2017 traveled around the world.  Closer to home, Pine has bagged 46 of Colorado’s 58 storied 14ers.  (Peaks 14,000 feet high) His boss is an avid cyclist and Pine’s wife agreed the best time for a trip like this is before starting a family.
Pine is doing this solo.  There’s no support team following behind in a van.  His initial plan was to average 70 miles per day.  He now thinks that 60 may be more realistic.  His route takes the backroads. 
For more information on Shelter Box or to donate go to:  https://www.shelterboxusa.org/rideforshelter/