Cathy King, International Service
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Healdsburg Rotary International Service focuses on bridging the international with the local.  Our members are actively involved with hands-on projects as well as raising awareness of the needs of others across the globe.  Click here to review the guidelines for International requests.

Amigos de Guatemala

A partnership of twenty Rotary Clubs provides humanitarian service projects in the Quiche district of Guatemala.  We have a “hands-on” projects each January/February and supports an educational sponsorship program in Zacualpa, Guatemala.  For the 2021 school year, 64 scholarships were awarded to indigenous Mayan middle and high school students who would not have the opportunity for an education.  Over 72% of these students are female when just ten years ago not a single girl finished elementary school.  With a literacy rate of 10% for women and 15% for men having an education means providing for their family while still maintaining their culture.  If you want to learn more about this project and become involved, please contact Jean Herschede at  


Argentine Peace Project - Global Grant headed by the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa

Gift of Life

Gift of Life International's mission is to provide hope to children from developing countries with heart disease regardless of their gender, creed, or national origin, by supporting autonomous Gift of Life programs in their efforts to care for these children in need, and coordinating the development of sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and aftercare programs in select countries, through the empowerment of their healthcare professionals.

HVTO, Siem Reap, Cambodia Scholarship Program

This organization has a school where students learn English and computer skills in addition to attending the public elementary and high school. Rotarian Henk Peeters visited the school in the recent past and came away impressed by the dedication of the leadership and the enthusiasm for learning English by the students.

After graduating from high school the students have an opportunity to enter a Work/Study program which is also administered by HTVO. Students work during the day, mostly in tourism oriented businesses, and attend university at night. When they get their degrees after four years they will be well prepared to work in the growing tourism industry in Cambodia.

Most students at the HTVO School come from poor families in the impoverished surrounding villages. Without educational opportunities as offered by HTVO children in these villages will most likely become farmers or laborers, remaining poor. Since most parents cannot afford the tuition at HTVO many scholarships are needed.

Project Amigo

Project Amigo helps poor children of Colima, Mexico achieve their highest potential by providing programs that motivate them to stay in school; by improving their access to higher education and promoting literacy; and helping with dental care.

The Shoes that Grow

The Shoes that Grow provides expandable shoes that "grow" with the child for up to five years.  Many children around the world go shoeless or wear shoes that do not fit properly resulting in the possibility of suffering from soil-related diseases.


Other Projects:

     Disaster relief in the Philippines - Global Grant
     Disaster relief in Nepal

     Friends of Guinea-Bissau: Silver-Impregnated Ceramic Water Filter Factory
     Paramedics for Children

     Prevention International No Cervical Cancer
     Village Hope Core